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Serene Garden Botanicals - (mix of dried, preserved & artificial flowers)

Serene Garden Botanicals - (mix of dried, preserved & artificial flowers)

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Introducing Our Exquisite 360-Degree Dried, Preserved, and Artificial Flower Arrangement – The Perfect Table Centrepiece! Jam packed with a beautiful array of flowers in neutral/earthy tones.

Elevate your space with our stunning 360-degree flower arrangement, crafted to captivate from every angle. This unique masterpiece combines the timeless beauty of dried and preserved flowers with the everlasting charm of artificial blooms, ensuring a long-lasting and breath-taking focal point for your décor.

Designed for those who appreciate beauty from every perspective, our arrangement boasts a carefully curated selection of blooms that enchant from all sides. Each angle reveals a new dimension of artistry and craftsmanship, making it an ideal choice for placement at the centre of your table.

Nestled in a neutral-coloured rustic trough-style pot, this arrangement seamlessly complements any interior theme. The earthy tones of the pot harmonize with a variety of décor styles, while allowing the vibrant colours of the flowers to take centre stage. The rustic design adds a touch of warmth and charm, making it an exquisite addition to both contemporary and traditional settings.

Handpicked to ensure quality and durability, our combination of dried, preserved, and artificial flowers offers the best of both worlds. Enjoy the organic texture of dried and preserved blooms that retain their grace for an extended period, alongside the evergreen allure of lifelike artificial flowers that require minimal upkeep.

Whether adorning your dining table, adorning an event, or gracing your reception area, our 360-degree flower arrangement promises to be a conversation starter and a visual delight. Order now to experience the elegance and allure of a centrepiece that truly shines from every vantage point.


Height - 35cm

Width - 51cm


How to care for your flowers:

- No watering required

- Keep out of wind, rain and humidity

- Keep out of direct sunlight

- Minimal light dusting using a spare makeup brush or hairdryer on low cool setting


Please Note: 

Dried & preserved flowers are delicate and may shed a little which is completely normal and natural, particularly during shipping. 

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