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Blushing Black - dried flower arrangement

Blushing Black - dried flower arrangement

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Dried & Preserved Flowers really do make such a wonderful home décor piece or gift for any occasion.

They are unique and exciting and a great alternative to their fresh counterpart. 

Dried flowers are an affordable option and value for money because they don't just last for a week... they lasts for years! So style that home and enjoy the longevity.

Gifting flowers for any occasion has never been easier! You love the idea of fresh flowers, but you can't justify the cost to only last a week. It feels like your hard earn money is not able to be appreciated long term and so the thought of spending money on flowers is not appealing.... until now! The hard work has been done for you, all you need to do is choose which dried flower arrangement you want to gift.

At Luxe Blooms by Bec we like to create a wider variety of colours and colour combinations to appeal to all different tastes and for different types of occasions.

This blushing black arrangement consists of black, nude, blush & white flowers to create a subtle moody vibe and the flowers come nestled in a black pot. Perfect gift for any gender.

Please support small business, it really is needed now more than ever!

Only 1 available in this style,


Height - 27cm

Width - 35cm

How to care for your flowers:

- No watering required

- Keep out of wind, rain and humidity

- Keep out of direct sunlight

- Minimal light dusting using a spare makeup brush or hairdryer on low cool setting

Please Note: 

Dried & preserved flowers are delicate and may shed a little which is completely normal and natural, particularly during shipping. 


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